Birth and postpartum support

Physiological birth and holistic postpartum services consciously crafted to serve mothers and birthing parents

What is undisturbed birth?

An undisturbed birth is a birth during which one is able to allow their body to go through the birthing process without intervention, disruption, or fear.  For this to happen, the birthing person needs to be in a place where they can access privacy, move into their inner world, fully surrender to the process and let their body take over.  The less interruptions the better. The mother or birthing person has full trust in their body and the spiritual process that is birthing a human into the physical realm. Some people refer to undisturbed birth as free birth or home birth, but I have a broader definition because it's not only a physical occurrence, but also a feeling.

What is conscious postpartum care?

Every child shifts the dynamic of a family and with every birth the postpartum parent requires nourishment for their body, mind and spirit. I use traditional, ancestral wisdom acquired from my lineage as well as teachings from Innate Postpartum Care (emparted by my teacher - Rachelle Garcia Seliga) to care for the postpartum parent. Holistic postpartum care seeks to bring a birthing person back to center via physical nourishment and energetic alignment.

Birth and postpartum offerings

Fully witnessing mothers and birthing people through the transformative process that birthing a human can bring.

Consciousness series

Conscious Birth


I take a mind, body, and spirit approach to preparing for birth. The offering below is in consideration for all three as integration leads to a beautiful experience. I believe birth awakens so much within us, I take my role as an activator, guide, and support with care and deep understanding of this.

I offer Virtual Coaching/Consulting as well as In-Person Consulting services

  • Mind: Support creating Birth Vision – Together, we will visualize and articulate your ideal birth experience. I will then work with you to make sure your support team makes that vision a reality.
  • Spirit: Natal Chart/Human Design Reading for the Birthing person and baby after their birth. I read the birthing person's chart and activate the strong points in their chart as we discuss the birthing plans. Astrological counsel within the family dynamic.
  • Mind & Spirit: Personalized resource list for optimizing birth experience – whether you absorb information best through story, video, listening, or reading I will create a list of resources that you can refer to, to increase your birth knowledge and get into the world of birth in anticipation of your own experience.
  • Body & Mind: Guidance navigating and shedding suboptimal, subconscious birth beliefs – we all are a part of this world and may have picked up some beliefs around birth that are misconceptions, or even positive! I will work with you to be aware of these and shed beliefs that are not serving your purpose. 
  • Body: Nutritional Menu suggestions for pregnancy
  • Body & Spirit: Guidance and advice for postpartum care – I believe postpartum is forever. Those first six weeks are so important and can impact the rest of your postpartum experience. I will provide insight and suggestions where needed.
  • Body: Continual labor and birth support – I will be with you during the labor and birth and 1-2 hours after birth to clean up, help with skin to skin, assist with breastfeeding, and general support.
Consciousness series
3 weeks, follow-up at 3 months postpartum

Conscious Postpartum



This in-person option is available for families that want a solid foundation for their journey as parents. Holistic postpartum focuses on nourishing the mother or birthing parent. I take a mind, body, and spirit approach, which entails weaving in energetics as well as traditional and holistic practices.

  • Body: Visits at home for 3 weeks at 3 times a week for 3 hours each visit
  • Body: Herbal postpartum Yoni steam
  • Body: Herbs for a nourishing postpartum bath
  • Body: Herbal teas for healing and breastfeeding
  • Mind & Spirit: Introspective sessions where we discuss your birth experience, takeaways, lessons, etc.
  • Body: Access to Celestial Womb's nourishing menu
  • Mind & Body: Consultations on longevity and nourishment for the postpartum time
  • Body: Bone or vegetable broth at one visit - Support with household tasks
  • Body: Mother/Birthing Parent Warming – Using Moxa sticks
  • Spirit: Energetic reading for the family (max family of 4)
  • Mind, Body, & Spirit: Private Closing of the Bones Ceremony (1x a week for 3 weeks)

As parents we are in postpartum forever. The importance of nourishing oneself as a parent and setting a firm foundation can set the tone for your health and longevity in the future.

1-3 hours

Closing of the Bones Ceremony



The Closing of the Bones Ceremony is a special celebration to honor the mother or birthing parent. The ceremony itself represents the elemental energy of earth. This is a grounding activity and is meant to help the mother/menstruating person come back into their body. When pulling the fabric to close each part of their body, they are contained and held. This ceremony encourages the feeling of safety and grounding. The aim is to take the mother/menstruating person out of a state of hyper-vigilance to a state of calm. What's most important about this ceremony is giving the mother/menstruating person time to pull their energy inward for a time. This ceremony can be a small intimate gathering or a larger gathering depending on preference.