Human Design

Experimenting with the unique energy principles of our aura and body to stay in alignment.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is an energetic modality that draws from ancient and modern sciences. This system combines wisdom from astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakra system and quantum physics. Human Design was founded or rather channeled through Ra Uru Hu in 1989. I use the natal body graph in readings to support self-awareness and growth both energetically and physically. The natal body graph is one’s deepest essence beyond any conditioning.

Human Design offerings

Human Design is the study of your energy, aura, and how your specific energy type functions in the collective. Each person can use human design to make the best use of their energy, attract and manifest most efficiently, and eliminate fatigue, stagnation, and confusion about how your body and energy operates.

initial reading

Energetic reading
1 hour

Human Design foundational bodygraph reading



This reading is designed for people who are new to Human Design. The chart reading includes a general overview of the specific chart and how to apply and start experimenting with one's specific human design type.

The Initial Chart Reading includes:

  • 1 hr+ live via zoom or recorded (Please include your preference for a live 1:1 or recorded session)
  • Energy type - Strategy and Authority
  • Specific energy centers
  • Channels and key gates
  • Q&A if live (all live sessions will also be recorded)

Additional offerings

Consciousness series
7-9 weeks

Conscious Alignment



In this program, the goal is to understand one's unique energy through Astrology and Human Design. We then integrate that knowledge into a meditation and reflective practice. As a last step, we release and clear what no longer serves the participant for their expansion. This helps the participant to be more magnetic for their desires and goals.

  • Foundational Astrology Natal Chart Reading
  • Human Design Body graph Reading
  • 4 Integration & discussion sessions
  • Current and future energetic reading: Solar return chart, Zodiacal Releasing, Progression chart reading, Dashas and transits
  • Text and email support available outside of our sessions
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Consciousness series
3 weeks, follow-up at 3 months postpartum

Conscious Postpartum



This in-person option is available for families that want a solid foundation for their journey as parents. Holistic postpartum focuses on nourishing the mother or birthing parent. I take a mind, body, and spirit approach, which entails weaving in energetics as well as traditional and holistic practices.

  • Body: Visits at home for 3 weeks at 3 times a week for 3 hours each visit
  • Body: Herbal postpartum Yoni steam
  • Body: Herbs for a nourishing postpartum bath
  • Body: Herbal teas for healing and breastfeeding
  • Mind & Spirit: Introspective sessions where we discuss your birth experience, takeaways, lessons, etc.
  • Body: Access to Celestial Womb's nourishing menu
  • Mind & Body: Consultations on longevity and nourishment for the postpartum time
  • Body: Bone or vegetable broth at one visit - Support with household tasks
  • Body: Mother/Birthing Parent Warming – Using Moxa sticks
  • Spirit: Energetic reading for the family (max family of 4)
  • Mind, Body, & Spirit: Private Closing of the Bones Ceremony (1x a week for 3 weeks)

As parents we are in postpartum forever. The importance of nourishing oneself as a parent and setting a firm foundation can set the tone for your health and longevity in the future.

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Energetic reading
2 sessions (1 hour each)

Cross energetic reading



Astrology natal chart reading & human design foundational bodygraph reading.

Book reading
Energetic reading
1 hour

Cross energetic reading for children



Human Design Aura and Astrology reading to understand your child’s energy and how you can nurture their unique energy for their highest personal growth.

Book reading
2 hours minimum ($150 per hour)

Celestial Events - Group Readings



Have an Energetically themed party! I love supporting the fun at parties and events. I can facilitate quick 10-15 mins readings, teach on the major components of what to look for in a birth chart, or focus in on a particular area of interest for the crowd (love, money, career, etc). All events have a 2-hour minimum, with a $150 charge per additional hour.

  • Astrology - $300
  • Human Design - $300
  • Astrology & Human Design - $600
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